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Does arcee die in revenge of the fallen?

No the bot sisters are only injured according to an interview with Roberto orci. The pink arcee was shot in the hips but was able to get up and the purple one shouted after sh (MORE)
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Does Arcee die?

Yes her and her sisters died at the end of Reveng of The Fallen. . Yes and no, acording to the Hasbro character profiles Arcee is atill alive as a single componant it could b (MORE)
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Is Arcee dead?

no either two of her bodies died at the end of rotf or all of them survived then elita being killed in rising storm
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Did arcee die?

Yes she died.The purple{Elita 1}and the pink{Arcee} got shot.The blue one Chromia was taking cover behind a building ,but suddenly Ironhide got shot and the decepticons{Bo (MORE)
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Who is the red Arcee twin?

Well, in revenge of the fallen, her name is Flareup, but originally her name was going to be Elita 1, like in the G1 cartoon. Hope I helped, thanx! ;)
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Who is the third arcee sister?

Their are different names people think the last sister was named this is a list :Flare Up :moonrider she gets no respect just because she died (maybe) no one remembers her (MORE)
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Does bumblebee fall in love with arcee?

Yes, he is. Bumblebee does fall in love with Arcee in Transformersvs. G.I. Joe comic, before he dies(The first and last love) and Ithink Arcee feels the same to him. In wiki i (MORE)
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Does arcee reallydie in transformers 2?

No she doesen't and neither do her twins however they do get severly injured by bonecrusher and long haul as does iron hide and sidesweep
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Who are the Arcee twins?

N 2nd movie they First appeared As a joint unit:ice cream truck; they then get upgrades to a red n green car Idk Wat line though
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How old is Arcee?

In human and Cybertronian years early to mid 20's. Either way she's a knockout in both beauty and in combat skills.