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How many arches are in the arch of Constantine?

The Arch of Constantine has three archawys. The central one is 11.5 m high and 6.5 m wide (37 3/4 x 21 ft.) the lateral ones are 7.4 m by 3.4 m (24 x 11ft.). the whole structu (MORE)

What is a Roman arch?

A Roman arch is an architectural innovation that made Rome able to  build amazing buildings, roads, and aqueducts. The arch relies on a  keystone, which is a wedge-shaped st (MORE)

What are arches?

An arch is a two-dimensional structure that allows weight to be efficiently distributed to the ends of a structural span. it is a simple curve in shape with the ends lower tha (MORE)
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What is in a mineral?

A mineral may consist of a single element, but most often contains two or more elements. Gold--single element mineral. Calcite--made up of calcium, carbon and oxygen.
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Can a corporation own a s corporation?

A corporation cannot own shares of a Scorp   QuickBooks Forum   Payroll Processing up to 50% off ADP and Paychex   Tax Lien Help   Leslie and Associates, Inc. Ho (MORE)

What are minerals for?

  minerals are for doctors they could use them for surgiries and stuff also in some tools they use minerals to cut stuff becuace they are sharp you could also have neclace (MORE)

What is a metatarsal arch?

the short lateral arch of the foot formed by the heads of the metatarsal bones.
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Is arch an adjective?

Yes, arch can be an adjective, meaning either principal or  mischievous.   Examples : an arch foe, an arch glance    (It may be a prefix, or hyphenated form, in wo (MORE)