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What is an archetypal hero?

An archetypal hero is essentially one who is stereotypical to what a hero is, as an archetype is a symbolism. Such heroes go out of their way to help others, and are generally (MORE)

What is a archetype?

An archetype is a general role that many fiction stories, novels, or movies place their characters into. Archetypes include but are not limited to the protagonist, the mentor, (MORE)

What is the rebel archetype?

A character in a book that is outcasted from society because of differences. This character does not have to be bad, just a loner.

What is an archetypes?

According to Carl Jung, an archetype is an inherited pattern ofresponse which comes from the Universal Unconscious. Archetypes arepart of the psyche into which psychic energy (MORE)

What are the types of Archetypes?

·Archetype: a basic model from which copies are made, a prototype.In general terms, an archetype is the abstract idea of a class ofthings which represents the most typical (MORE)

Where is archetype in Bible?

Relative to Christianity, Jesus Is Our Model! Archetype is not specifically in the bible yet taking into consideration archetype is an original model of a person, ideal exampl (MORE)

Why is Aphrodite an archetype?

None of the Gods are archetypes. They are far more complex than that. Aphrodite isn't just a Goddess of Love and Sex, she is also a War Goddess, a Goddess of the Sea, a Goddes (MORE)

What is a hermit archetype?

I believe a hermit archetype is the person in a story who is cut-off from society. He voluntarily lives on the fringes for some reason, normally philosophical ones.