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What is the collective of constables?

The noun 'constable' is a collective noun for a constable of  ravens.    There is no specific collective noun for a group of constables,  however the collective noun (MORE)

What is a South Carolina state constable?

There are different "Groups" of Constables in South Carolina. Group 1 Constables are full time Sworn Police officers. Examples of Group 1 Constables are university police of (MORE)

What kind of paintings did john constable do?

The great majority of John Constables paintings were landscapes, many showing the countryside of the area where he was born and grew up, on the border between the counties of (MORE)

What was the job of a constable in Shakespeare's time?

Constables were and are police officers. In Shakespeare's time they were unpaid officers of the parish (sort of a volunteer police force) with powers to investigate crime, to (MORE)

What is a constable?

In the United Kingdom, the office of constable is charged with the duty to enforce the law of the land and to maintain the Queen's peace. All police officers are constables in (MORE)
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What is a Constable of a Castle?

A constable of a castle is a person, in charge of looking after the castle when the lord was out.
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Can Kentucky constables have lights?

The answer is....maybe! Kentucky Revised Statute 189.950(5) states, "Any constable may, upon approval of the fiscal court in the county of jurisdiction, equip vehicles used by (MORE)

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