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How do you pronounce Archie in Gaelic?

Archie is a Scottish name. It has no direct Irish translation, but in (Scots) Gaelic it is usually written Eairdsidh, which is pronounced close to AIRchie. It's a familiar (MORE)
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When did the Archies comic start?

'Archie Comics' was founded in 1939 . [ Archibald "Archie" Andrews debuted in 1941 .]
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What relationship did Archie and Stargirl have?

Archie and Stargirl are really close, he understands her more then anyone else, Archie is like Stargirl's grandfather.
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Who is Archie brubaker in the book Stargirl?

Archie is like man to go to advice or info for ; a helping hand description . he likes children and cherry tobacco very smart or wise and he is a paleontologist so he loves fo (MORE)

What is Archie Manning's address?

Archie Manning is a former football player and father to Peyton and  Eli Manning. His fan mail address is; Archie Manning Office, 639  Loyola Avenue 8th Floor, New Orleans, (MORE)

What is the Gaelic for Archie?

The Scottish Gaelic version of "Archie" is Eairdsidh. It's a short form of "Archibald" which is equated with Gilleasbaig [g-eel-yespick].
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Where can you read Archie comics for free?

You can read Archie comics for free online at places like Archie  Comics and Graphically. You can also find back issues of the comics  for very low prices on eBay.
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