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What do you have to do to become an architect?

An architect is a skilled person in the oversight, setting up and design of the structure of buildings. Architect is certified to put into practice architecture and practicing (MORE)
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What does a Chief Architect do?

  Simply put, a chief architect is the head of the design team on a project. This individual will direct the design team and lead discussions or mediate conflicts to iron (MORE)

Is an associated architect the same as an architect?

An "associated architect" just means that the architect is associated with an architecture firm, but is not yet a partner. Any Architect who is employed by another architect o (MORE)

What is an architect?

An architect is a person that designs floor plans for a building.    Architect is someone who generates diagrams to be used in making  something such as buildings.  (MORE)

What do architect do?

An Architect is the team leader of the building team.He designs the functional plan of the structure,and supervises the construction to ensure d@ it follows his design properl (MORE)

What do you do when you are an architect?

There is a very detailed indepth explanation below for those that want to know EXACTLY what an architect responsibilities are. For those that want just an 'idea' of what he/sh (MORE)

What does an architect do?

There are different types of architects, but generall they  design and sometimes supervise the construction of buildings or  other large structures. Salaries would vary depe (MORE)

What is the importance of architects?

I would have never attempted to answer this question before I chose to become an architect. Funny how you sometimes think something this creative can be fun, when it's only a (MORE)

Who was the architect of Chandigarh?

Firstly, Mathew Nowincki and Albert Mayer of America were two architects who started designing the master plan of chandigarh but due to death of Mathew Nowincki in a plane cra (MORE)