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What is peotic movement in architecture design?

what is a poem? Usually - 4 lines that rhyme and express a mood or feeling. Architecture is again a way to express the feelings of society. Poetry in architecture is all about (MORE)

What is modular architecture design?

Modular architecture is based on the principle of using a single shape and size ,a module,with which to construct a building. The functions of the building are housed in the n (MORE)

What is Montessori architectural design?

Maria Montessori was specific in describing the optimal learning environment for a child's growth and development. Many attribute her for the invention of child sized furnit (MORE)

What is the standard scale used in architectural design?

No single scale is used in Architecture. The scale used depends on the level of detail required in the drawing. In metric drawings commonly used scales and some of their lik (MORE)

How ergonomics is used in architectural design?

Ergonomics is used in architectural design by making spaces user  friendly. Kitchens are designed to be practical and comfortable to  work in. Light switches are placed wher (MORE)

What is advanced architectural design?

  A simplified definition of advanced architectural design might be that it is the blending of the most advanced construction materials and building techniques with outsid (MORE)

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