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What is archiving?

Archiving is a process of moving the documents from one location in a computer memory to another location in a compact format ( or in a zip format ) .This helps in utilizing t ( Full Answer )
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What is archive?

To archive is to put ancient documents in a place of security, The word is now used to place any document in a secure situation
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What are the archives?

Multiple files compressed into a single file are calledarchives. They are similar to folders, but files within archivescan't be accessed without prior unpacking with an archiv ( Full Answer )
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Where can you find archives?

I knew a good movie archive, download, monthly updated movies website >>>> There are many interesting topics such as -Comedy Movies: a Laugh a Day Keeps the ( Full Answer )
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What are kept in archives?

The archive contains all kinds of items related to Trine University and its predecessor institutions. This includes photos, promotional material, meeting minutes, course catal ( Full Answer )
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What is an archive file?

An archive file is kind of like a dead file; it hasn't been used for months.
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What is SFX Archive?

What is a SFX-archive? A SFX (SelF-eXtracting) archive is an archive merged with an executable module, which is used to extract files from the archive when executed. Thus, ( Full Answer )
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What is archived mail?

Archived Mail is where after a certain time, you mail will be put into 'storage'.
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What is document archiving?

Document archiving, also known as data archiving, is the movement of old and unused data to a different and separate storage device. Data must be kept to follow regulations or ( Full Answer )
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When can files be archived?

More information on what files you are referring to is necessary. It depends on the files - what they consist of - and the records retention laws of your particular state.