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How did the Nazis use the Ardennes to their advantage?

Answer . The defensive doctrine upon which France had built the Maginot Line wrongly assumed that an attack by Germany would be from the front as had been common in the Gr (MORE)
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Where is the Ardennes forest?

Belgium. It was thought to be a natural obstacle against German tanks, but the German Army attacked through it in the spring of 1940, and again in the winter of 1944-45. The s (MORE)

What was the battle of Ardennes?

The Battle of Ardennes is also referred to as The Battle of the Bulge. The Ardennes Forest is in France and Belgium. It was the last major offensive of the Germans in World (MORE)
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Where is the Ardennes region located?

The Ardennes region can be found in France, Europe. It it well-known worldwide for its local delicacy Ardennes Pate, which is made from pork liver and often eaten with bread.