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What instrument did Mozart add to make the string quartet to the string quintet?

Mozart's six quintets add a second viola to make up the group of five; these are called "viola quintets" for this reason, not because the viola has any greater role in the mus (MORE)

Which string instruments would you find in a string quartet?

A 'standard' String Quartets will have 2 violins, a viola and a 'cello. However, there are some quartets (usually for early beginners in primary school) written for 3 violins (MORE)

What instruments make up a traditional String Quartet?

Being as a quartet signifies "4", a string quartet could be comprised of one each of the stringed instruments:   * Violin  * Viola  * Cello  * Bass
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A string quartet consists of?

Generally a string quartet consists of two violins, a viola, and a cello. The string quartet is one of the most popular formation of chamber music. Many weddings/gigs/and fund (MORE)

Can string quartets play modern tunes?

Yes, in fact there is a growing number of special "string quartet  cover albums" released over the last couple of years that have a  string quartet do renditions of songs an (MORE)