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Will your good credit be affected by your boyfriends bad credit if you move in with them or join the mortgage with arears on it?

Answer . Answer This is really a good question as many women have joined with men with bad credit, and seen their good credit ratings go from good, to terrible.. I'd sa (MORE)
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What happens to the estate of a child that dies in a motorcycle accident and the parents are divorced and one of the parents is 9000.00 in arears on the child support and hasn't seen them in 4 yrs?

Both parents have a cause of action with respect to the child's wrongful death. Each parent is an heir of the child, in equal shares, absent a Will.\n. \nhm im not 2 sure\n. (MORE)
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Where can I find landmark cases in the arear of contract law?

The best place for a layperson to read the "landmark" cases in the law of contracts would be a law school casebook. It is a collection of cases, supplemented by other material (MORE)
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If I had to move from Florida due to hardship and couldn't pay arears and looking for employment but can't because my license are suspended what do I do I can't go to Florida because of money?

1. Return to court immediately (even if you have to borrow the money to do so) to get the order modified or terminated. Courts do not modify support retroactively, so this d (MORE)