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Meaning of arena?

An arena in ancient times was the central space in a Roman amphitheater that was covered with sand and was used for public entertainments such as mock sea battles and gladiato (MORE)

What is an arena?

An arena is a central, usually indoor space surrounded by rows of  seats for hosting a variety of public entertainments, such as  sports contests, concerts, and family prese (MORE)

Is there an arena in Skyrim?

Unfortunately, no... Possibly a DLC with arena will come out though. Added info: However, if you are playing on PC, you can use the console and type the teleport code "coc w (MORE)

What is a sentence for arena?

The main event is always held in the center arena. Meet me at the arena, near the concession stand.
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How do you get to the arena in oblivion?

go to your map and find the imperial city and hover your cursor over the "arena district" and then fast travel there. If you want to know how to get into the arena you go to (MORE)