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What is an areola and what does it look like?

Areola is the area and skin surrounding a woman's nipple. It variesfrom woman to woman, and can be large or smaller in diameter. Thecolor can be anything from pink (in Caucasi ( Full Answer )
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Bumps on areola?

They secrete an oil that helps keep the areolae soft and supple when nursing a baby.
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Are large areolas unattractive on men?

No, not at all, i don't think that it matters what size they are. In fact, i don't think that anyone really pays too much attention to mens nipples anyway. Most people probabl ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of the areola?

The areola is composed of areolar tissue that surrounds the nipple. It allows the nipple to expand in order to produce a proper latch for suckling.
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Why areola big?

The biological function of a big aureole is to make it easier for a nursing baby to see it.
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What does it mean when you have big areola?

First of all it would depend on what your measure of "big" is, and if you are male or female. The average female areola is between 3.5 cm and 4 cm in diameter (across), but ca ( Full Answer )
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Why is my areola not flat around the nipple?

Because that is just how yours look. All nipples and areolas look differently. They also change from being a teen to an adult. You are normal. The areola is also supposed to b ( Full Answer )
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Will you get bumps on your areolas if you are pregnant?

Yes. The bumps you're referring to are called Montgomery glands or Montgomery's tubercles, and they can become more prominent during pregnancy. These bumps can resemble pimple ( Full Answer )
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What is the plural form of areola?

"Areola" is the plural form of the word meaning the area of darkened pigment around the nipple. " Areolus " is the singular form.