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What is argots?

Argot (Spanish and French for "slang") is a specialized vocabulary, lingo or slang spoken by a particular group or subculture.
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What is a synonym for Argot?

Argot is a French, Spanish, and Catalan word meaning "slang." So I suppose the synonym would be "slang." It is also a secret language, so secret language could be another syno (MORE)
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How do you use the word argot in a sentence?

Montgomery's Eight Army spent so much time in social isolation inNorth Africa during World War Two that they began speaking an argotthat new recruits could not understand.
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What has the author Gonzalo Argote de Molina written?

Gonzalo Argote de Molina has written: 'Elogios de los conquistadores de Sevilla' -- subject(s): Genealogy, Heraldry, Nobility 'Comentario de la conquista de la ciudad de B (MORE)