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What are the Aria Awards?

ARIA - Australian Record Industry Awards. An event held every October to recognise the top artists over around 20 areas including Album of the Year, Best Group, Best Rock alb (MORE)

Does Moises Arias have a growth problem?

yes, he is shorter then his younger brother mateo who has a main role in disney xd's kickin' it. Mateo the younger one is 5' 11 15 years old. while moises is only 5' 5. he is (MORE)

Is aria with baby and is it Ezra?

yes she is with baby and ezra asking her to marry him and she says yes.they also move in with each other.then they live happly ever after!then aria parents ask them to come ov (MORE)
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What does arias mean?

  Arias are expressive melodies. They are found in operas and are usually sung in Italian.

What is an aria?

An aria is a term usually used to describe a musical piece written for a solo voice, with or without accompaniment, most often found in operas. In opera, an aria is a solo (MORE)
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What is the definition of aria?

  Basically it is the elaborate song-form of opera / oratorio for solo voice with instrumental accompaniment. Its nature has changed over the whole history of opera / orat (MORE)

What rhymes with aria?

Some words that rhyme with aria are: agria, andrea, area, arian, arias, arietta, auria, austria, avia, caria, coria, cornea, feria, gloria, latvia, mafia, moria, nania, sangri (MORE)