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What is arid land?

Arid land is area where there is so little rainfall plants andanimals either don't exist or are sparse and impeded in growth.Deserts are arid, but other areas with little mois (MORE)
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How are arid climates are commonly characterized?

A behavioral adaptation in which animals undergo a period of greatly reduced activity in winter is _____. (1 point)(0 pts) clusters(1 pt) hibernation(0 pts) burrows(0 pts) est (MORE)

What is Arid Landscapes?

An Arid Landscape is a landscape that lacks water or moisture, usually due to low or lack of annual rainfalls. Arid landscapes are parched, dry lands that cannot ideally sup (MORE)

What does arid soil mean?

Arid Soil range from red to brown in color.They are generally sandy in texture and saline in nature. In some areas the salt content is very high and common salt is obtained by (MORE)

What animals live in the arid climate?

Rodents like mice and gerbils, camels, snakes, lizards, birds, foxes   There's actually quite a few, most of them are nocturnal(they sleep during the day), and get the wat (MORE)

What animals live in arid zones?

The animals that live in the arid climate include the camels, mice, gerbils and lizards. Others are snakes, foxes and certain birds. Some of these creatures obtain water from (MORE)