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What is arid?

If something is arid, it is dry. It is not necessarily either hot or cold, but it is very dry.
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What is arid land?

Arid land is area where there is so little rainfall plants andanimals either don't exist or are sparse and impeded in growth.Deserts are arid, but other areas with little mois (MORE)

What is Arid Landscapes?

An Arid Landscape is a landscape that lacks water or moisture, usually due to low or lack of annual rainfalls. Arid landscapes are parched, dry lands that cannot ideally sup (MORE)
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What is arid biome?

Arid means the climate, where more water condenses than rain is falling. So it's a dry biome.
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What is arid and semi arid?

Some deserts are arid (Atacama) and others are semi-arid (Sonoran).The Atacama receives virtually no rainfall while the Sonoran Desertreceives 10 inches or less of rain each y (MORE)
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Is arid a noun?

No, it is not a noun. Arid is an adjective. The noun forms would be  aridness or aridity.
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How arid is antarctica?

Antarctica is the driest continent on earth, with an average humidity of less than five percent. It is also the driest desert on earth.
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Why is Nevada arid?

The coastal Range and the Sierra Nevada Mountains block Pacific moisture from entering Nevada and forming a rain shadow desert.
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