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Was Aristide a Catholic Priest?

He was ordained a priest of the Salesian order in 1982, but expelled from the order in 1988. From 1988 to 1994 he was not incardinated in any order or diocese, so he was effec (MORE)

Who rode Aristides in the Kentucky Derby?

Oliver Lewis [1856 - 1924], an African American who subsequently became a Kentucky businessman in Lexington, rode Aristides in the Kentucky Derby. He was the winning jockey o (MORE)

What has the author Aristide Marre written?

Aristide Marre has written: 'Vocabulaire des principlaes racines malaises et javanaises de la langue malgache' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, French language, Javanese, Malaga (MORE)

What has the author Aelius Aristides written?

Aelius Aristides has written: 'The ruling power' -- subject(s): Sources, History 'Aelii Aristidis Declamationes Leptineae' -- subject(s): Speeches, addresses, etc., Greek (MORE)