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Why is meritocracy better than aristocracy?

In my opinion, meritocracy is better than aristocracy because it  gives less fortunate people a better chance to get a good job. For  example, it's better to have smart and (MORE)

What were tha positive aspects of aristocracy?

It creates stability. Since aristocracy is inherited, the sons (and sometimes daughters) are trained to take over the fathers' duties. A formal aristocracy saves the very ri (MORE)

Is aristocracy and bureaucracy different?

In theory, they should not be different, but in practice they are. Aristocracy literally means 'rule of the best'; bureaucracy is a system where rule is done by appointed offi (MORE)

What countries have aristocracy government?

Technically, there are no countries that are currently being run by  a truly aristocratic government. Aristocratic traditions persist in  India, Sweden, and the United Kingd (MORE)

Is Afghanistan ruled by aristocracy?

Yes and No In theory Afghanistan has a codified constitution from which it is governed by a President, a bicameral legislature and an independent judiciary. However, Afganista (MORE)