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Who rules the aristocracy?

An aristocracy is the highest class in a society. The nobilityrules an aristocracy, holding exceptional ranks, hereditary titlesand privileges.
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Who rules an aristocracy?

In an aristocracy, the highest class in society rules. This usually means either the richest people.
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Who were the planter aristocracy?

Planter Aristocracy is a tobacco and slavery powered form of democracy titled the planter aristocracy.
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What is a country with an aristocracy?

In the broad sense, every country has an "aristocracy." most commonly this is the group presently controlling most of the wealth, which in places like Europe & the U.S. in mod ( Full Answer )
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Is the US an aristocracy?

Officially the USA is a Democracy, but my opinion is that it is essentially owned by the powerful.
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What is the adjective for aristocracy?

i am not sure but i might be wrong you might t need to check it up but i think it : a class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges, especially the hereditary nobil ( Full Answer )
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What is ruling by aristocracy?

Aristocracy are the elite, privileged, upper class individuals. So a government by aristocrats, is a government ruled by those who are considered the best and more capable upp ( Full Answer )
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Who is in charge in an aristocracy?

"Aristocracy" litterally means 'rule by the best', which inpractice boiled down to 'rule by the established and powerfulfamilies'. Outside the Arab world you won't find many a ( Full Answer )
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Who were landed aristocracies?

Landed nobility or landed aristocracy is a category of nobility invarious countries over the history, for which landownership waspart of their noble privileges.
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What is an sentence with aristocracy in it?

The aristocrats are the ones that are making the poor people morepoor. They are the highest class of people in society.