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What is arithmetic mean number?

  The mean of the numbers a1, a2, ..., an is equal to (a1 + a2 + ..., + an)/n. This number is used mostly as the average. It is called the arithmetic mean.
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What is the difference between modular arithmetic and ordinary arithmetic?

In ordinary arithmetic, the resulting value will be from an infinite set of values but in case modular arithmetic, resulting value will be from a finite set of values.Open in (MORE)

What is the plural form of arithmetic?

'Arithmetic' is a 'mass noun', ie, it is the collective word for something which cannot be presented as a discrete, definitive article. By that, I mean you can't say "An arith (MORE)
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How does the addition of a constant and multiplication by a constant affect the arithmetic mean?

If you add the same constant to each element of a sample then the  mean of this collection of values will be the mean of the original  sample plus the constant.    If (MORE)
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What are the advantages of arithmetic mean?

It is easy to use in further analysis calculation can be done easily using arithmetic mean is unique value for each data set
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What is the theme of the book the devil's arithmetic?

The theme is: the importance of remembering. At the beginning; Hannah refuses to remember, but at the end she is begging Rivka to remember for her. the theme of "The Devils At (MORE)

What is the difference between maths and arithmetic?

Mathematics (math) is a broad field of endeavour, which includes arithmetic. Arithmetic is the part which deals with numbers (and their interactions) only. Other math fiel (MORE)
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What is the arithmetic sequence of 2n-3?

To write out a sequence from an equation, you work out what the equation says with n being the number of the term you are calculating. So for the 1st term we take n=1, and so (MORE)