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Who was Louis Kossuth?

The Hungarian statesman and orator Louis, or Lajos, Kossuth (1802-1894) was the foremost leader of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-1849 and the symbol of Magyar nationalism. (MORE)
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Who are Louis siblings?

Louis has four younger half sisters from his mum: Charlotte - lottie (13) Felicite (12) identical twin sisters- Daisy and Phoebe (8) He also has a younger half sister from (MORE)

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Where did Joseph Armand Bombardier invent the snowmobile?

  in 1937 the first snowmobile rolled out of Joseph-Armand Bombardier small repair shop in Valcourt, Que.
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Is Luis armand Garcia dead?

  He didn't die on Thursday November 21st 2008 because that day doesn't exist. Whoever says that is a dumba$$. He is still alive, and George Lopez ended in 2007.
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What did Louis Riel do?

Louis Riel was a Canadian hero, without Louis Riel many rights  would still be denied to metis and aboriginal citizens.    Louis Riel founded the Canadian province of (MORE)

What has the author Alfred Armand Montapert written?

Alfred Armand Montapert has written: 'Pray to Win' 'Around the world on the QE 2' -- subject(s): Ocean travel, Queen Elizabeth 2 (Ship) 'Words of Wisdom to Live by' -- s (MORE)