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Why is it good to have an army?

The military is required to allow the government to protect its citizens and defend its land. ----------------------- Sometimes people have the skills to be in the army and ca (MORE)

What do you have to do to get in the army?

First contact an Army Recruiter. They will give you a preliminary screening to make sure that your are fully qualified to enlist. If not they will advise you on whether the re (MORE)

What have to get in the army?

You must be between 18 and 42 years old, or 18 years old with parental consent. You must be a US citizen or hold a green card. Most candidates have high school diplomas, but u (MORE)

If the Army has the Army Rangers who do the Marines have?

The U.S. Army have the U.S. Army Rangers and U.S. Army Special Forces more commonly know as the Green Berets and the U.S. Marine Corps have Recon Marines (split into Divison R (MORE)

Does Japan have an army?

Since 1947, Japan's constitution (which we helped write) has forbidden the formation of a "traditional military force". They strictly have self defense. And Japan's current a (MORE)
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Does Ireland have an army?

  Ireland has a small army. It is particularly well respected for taking part in peacekeeping missions around the world.
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What is the Roman army?

Rome was early on (say 500 BCE) a farming community covering about 50 square miles, with a citadel to defend in extremis. The Roman army comprised initially the peasant farmer (MORE)

What does the army do?

the army go around and shoot stuff. The British Army is the best trained in the world and rely on tactics and other such tecnical euipment in order to get the job done, wherea (MORE)