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Who did Villanova beat on their way to title in 1985?

  In the 1985 NCAA tournament, Villanova was seeded 8th in the Southeast region. They defeated #9 Dayton, #1 Michigan, #5 Maryland, and #2 North Carolina to make it to the (MORE)

How many miles between Pittsburgh and Villanova?

The driving distance to Villanova University is approximately 290 road miles - about 5.5 hours of driving time, depending on your average speed and what route(s) you take.
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How difficult is it to get into villanova?

It depends on which college you are applying to. Liberal Arts is pretty competitive, but a decent amount of students are accepted to this. Engineering is a bit more selective (MORE)

Where does villanova play?

The football team plays in the Villanova Stadium on campus. The basketball team plays smaller games in the Pavilion on campus and bigger games at the Wells Fargo Center in Phi (MORE)
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How big is Villanovas campus?

The campus can feel a little larger than you might think because it is a little spread out, but to walk across the entire space would only take 20 minutes at the most.
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