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What is Virtual Aroma Synthesizer?

A Virtual Aroma Synthesizer is a device that sprays scented air at a test subject (person). This device is usually used in a testing situation for developing artificially flav (MORE)

What is the difference between flavor and aroma?

simply, aroma is perceived by the nose (smell) and flavour is perceived by both mouth and nose(taste and smell)
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Where can one buy aroma diffusers?

Aroma diffusers can be found online at stores like Amazon. They can also be found in fragrance stores including Bath and Body Works. Kits can also be bought to make your own.
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What is a compound?

Compounds A compound is made up of two or more types of elements (e.g. water and carbon dioxide) that are chemically combined in a set ratio. They cannot be broken down in (MORE)

How do you make steel cut oats in an Aroma rice cooker?

  I recently purchased the Aroma ARC-856. The way I cook my steel cut oats is, 1/2 cup of steel cut oats and 2 cups of water. I flip the setting on Brown Rice and set the (MORE)

What rhymes with aroma?

  carcinoma, coma, MOMA (acronym for Museum of Modern Art in New York City), stoma
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Has anyone been to Aroma Home Spa in Bangalore?

  I have been there two weeks ago 11th july. I enjoyed the pampering aromatherapy body massage and foot massage.   they have very tempting facial packages and I will su (MORE)
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Are aroma espresso bars franchised?

Yes, you can franchise an aroma espresso bar. To do this you must first contact tha owner of the store you wish to franchise. You can usually get the number from the manager o (MORE)