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What is a quick-moving ribbon of air that moves from the west to the east high in the atmosphere this air current bends and dips down to move weather systems around?

Jet stream :) Study island question . I know how it feels when you get stuck on a question and the lesson doesn't help at all especially science. People should copy all the an (MORE)

What would cause a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 liter to stall when coming to a stop or going around bends?

  Answer     Did the service engine light go on?Turn the ignition on and off 5 time and read the codes. eg. 1 blink--pause-- then 2 blinks--pause = code 12.You (MORE)

Can fish get the bends?

yes they go upsidedown sometimes or keep at bottom facing the ground and dosnt know whether its upright or upsidedown,To prevent this or stop 'The Bends' u have to put salt in (MORE)

What is reverse bending?

When a cantilever beam is continuously loaded and released from mean position, in one direction only, it is called unidirectional bending, but when it is loaded alternately, f (MORE)

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What is bending?

  bending characterizes the behavior of a structural element subjected to an external load applied perpendicular to the object. Basically its a force applied to an element (MORE)

Why does earth's path bend around the sun?

Cause if it didn't then we would crash into the sun and the other planets orbiting it... U also need intertia and gravity to keep you on the path... if u didn't then the sun w (MORE)

How can you air bend?

Unfortunately it is impossible to air bend. The most we can do right now is flap our arms or turn on a fan or learn the techniques that they use in avatar (you can watch video (MORE)

Is around the bend a sentence or fragment?

Yes, 'around the bend' is a fragment because it has no verb, and it's an incomplete thought. It's a noun phrase (bend is the noun) or a prepositional phrase (bend is the objec (MORE)