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What is the arousal of motives?

The arousal of any particular set of needs at any specific point in time may be caused by internal stimuli found in the individuals physiological condition, emotional or cogni (MORE)
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What is the arousal motive?

Our need for stimulation (the arousal motive) suggests that behavior efficiency increases as we move from deep sleep to increased alertness. However, once we pass the maximum (MORE)
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How do girls get aroused?

whisper in here ear. while rubbing her belly or inner thigh, kiss her neck softly as you touch her face gently and work your way down with your hand. kiss her lips and nibble (MORE)

Arouse a guy?

1. Talk dirty     2. Let him take control     3. Let your fingers roam     4. Make the foreplay last a little longer     5. Bring on th (MORE)

What does arousing mean?

Arousing is the present participle of the verb "to arouse" (to  awaken, or to evoke).   Wakening can mean stimulating or fostering, as in "arousing  suspicion." In a sex (MORE)
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What is the arousal theory?

Arousal theory is based on the ideas that different individuals perform better at different levels of arousal and that every individual seeks to find its optimum level. Some p (MORE)

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