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How are the planets arranged?

From closest to Sun: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto (doesn't really count :( ) And a way to remember it is... My very excellent mother just serve (MORE)
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How do you arrange your bedroom?

i bring all my furniture in the hall way and then i vacumn my room and figure out how i want my bedroom to look like and then i put all the furniture back in my room.
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Why were marriges arrange?

to show that when two people love each other so much that they want to spend a lifetime together
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How are the epistles arranged?

In their original order, the Catholic or Universal epistles followed the Book of Acts. These 7 began with James and ended with Jude. However, the Roman Church pushed these 'Ge (MORE)
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How capacitors are arranged?

Capacitors are one of the standard components in electronic  circuits. Moreover, complicated combinations of capacitors often  occur in practical circuits. It is, therefore, (MORE)

Why were marriage's arranged?

Typically marriages in many religions and tribes were arranged so  that the wealth of a family stays in the family and to ensure the  control of family through a head who ha (MORE)

Is arranged or being arranged?

We've arranged to have our favorite picnic spot reserved for the  garden party.  The flowers you cut earlier are now being arranged. 
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