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How are the planets arranged?

From closest to Sun: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto (doesn't really count :( ) And a way to remember it is... My very excellent mother just serve (MORE)

How were tombs arranged?

Tombs were arranged with the objects that people would need in the  afterlife - weapons, ritual vessels and personal ornaments.

Is arranged or being arranged?

We've arranged to have our favorite picnic spot reserved for the  garden party.  The flowers you cut earlier are now being arranged. 
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How do you arrange flowers?

When making a flower arrangement, it is best to consider the type of flower to be used and where it will be displayed. Form the arrangement to best enhance the natural beauty (MORE)

How is an index arranged?

It is an alphabetical list of subjects treated by a book. It usually appears at the end of a book and identifies page numbers on which information about each subject appears
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Arrangement of molecules?

The molecules in a solid are bonded together permanently. Liquid  molecules, on the other hand, also have bonded molecules but they  continuously break and reform with other (MORE)

What are arranged marriages about?

Answer 1. The tradition of arranged marriages is based on  the belief that it is inefficient to leave it to young people to  find spouses for themselves, when their parents (MORE)
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What is a edible arrangement?

An Edible Arrangement is a display of fruits and other foods, which being appealing aesthetically, can also be consumed. These are usually present at weddings, banquets, and o (MORE)