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How are the planets arranged?

From closest to Sun: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto (doesn't really count :( ) And a way to remember it is... My very excellent mother just serve (MORE)
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Is the executor responsible for funeral arrangements?

  Generally, no. The executor is technically a position which has to be formally appointed by a court representative. A person's will "nominates" or suggests an executor, (MORE)

Is arranged or being arranged?

We've arranged to have our favorite picnic spot reserved for the  garden party.  The flowers you cut earlier are now being arranged. 
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How can seating arrangements affect communication?

Seating arrangements can affect communications in many ways. For  example, if two very shy people are seated together, communications  may be negatively impacted. If a mix o (MORE)
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Describe the arrangement in liquid particles?

Particles in a liquid are close together with no regular arrangement. Particles in a liquid vibrate, move about, and slide past each other.
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How does the arrangement of particles in gas differ from the arrangements in liquids and solids?

Gas particles are very separated and are bouncing around the container they are in at very high speeds. Liquid particles are relatively close together with some "wiggle room". (MORE)

What is chronological arrangement?

Chronological arrangement is simply the arrangement of events in  the order they occurred in. Generally, a chronological arrangement  is known as a timeline.
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How is an index arranged?

It is an alphabetical list of subjects treated by a book. It usually appears at the end of a book and identifies page numbers on which information about each subject appears
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What is a karyotype and how are chromosomes arranged?

A karyotype is the orderly arrangement of chromosomes according to specific rules. The chromosomes arranged on the basis of their size, the biggest on the left to the smalle (MORE)