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What is warrant of arrest?

a judge's order to law enforcement officers to arrest and bring to jail a person charged with a crime. The warrant is issued upon a sworn declaration by the district attorney, (MORE)

What is lightning arrester?

lightning arrester is device which provides an easy conducting path or relatively low impedance path for the flow of current when the system voltages increases more than the d (MORE)

Why did Barney get arrested?

Because that freak was on drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!   He aslo got drunk on a live episode and tried to hurt the kids.
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Does gambling get you arrested?

Gambling is illegal in basicallly all parts of California except for Pechunga Resort in Temecula. If you are living in California, you would get either fined or arrested. This (MORE)

Why did Socrates get arrested?

Socrates was arrested for corrupting youth and for being a so-called sophist. Practicing sophistry was contradictory to the society of Athens and the belief system that holds (MORE)
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What is hospital arrest?

When you are arrested by police but injured yourself during, you are now under hospital arrest; which means as soon as your fit enough to leave hospital you will immediately b (MORE)

What is an ALIAS arrest?

When a wanted individual is known to police, but their true name/identity is unknown, the judge can issue a "John Doe" warrant to take them into custody, at which time there t (MORE)

What is warrantless arrest?

The police do not always need a warrant before they arrest somebody. Unless there is a state law limiting the power of police more than the U.S. constitution would require, it (MORE)
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What is pro arrest?

Pro-Arrest is when a police officer determines that you are the  primary aggressor in a domestic violence situation and takes you  into custody. It is a provision of the Fed (MORE)