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What do you do if you get arrested?

The first thing someone who has been arrested should do is torequest an attorney. It's the police's responsibility to warn asuspect of their right to remain silent. If a perso ( Full Answer )
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Can you be arrested for resisting arrest?

Yes. Usually those that are arrested already have a charge that will be made against them but if you are being detained for questioning by a police officer and you resist, fig ( Full Answer )
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Was Barney arrested?

Barney, as you probably realize, is a costume. Costumes cannot be arrested, although they can be impounded. Barney is not actually played by a single person. There are seve ( Full Answer )
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When can you be arrested?

You can be arrested anywhere as long as the officer tells you what you are being arrested for and it's probable cause. Example: The officer can arrest you for buying a pack of ( Full Answer )
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What to do if you are arrested?

Don't resist the officer - listen attentively as you are read your Miranda Rights (YOU will have to make the decision as to whether you wish to speak to the officer, or not) - ( Full Answer )
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What can you be arrested for?

There are far to many offences to list. In addition the list would also depend on where you live.
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Who was with Jesus when he was arrested?

The bible says His disciples were with Him, except for Judas who was with the arresters and was there to identify Jesus (with a kiss).
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Why Get Arrested?

Yes. Why get arrested? 25 year? 15 year? 10 year? 5 year? Even just a day! you wont be able to get any good jobs and go to any good colleges. You get 3 chances. You do not ( Full Answer )