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What is arrowroot powder?

  Arrowroot powder is refined starch extracted from the tubers of an arrowroot plant.
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Is kudzu the same as arrowroot?

No , kudzu [ Pueraria lobata ] isn't the same as arrowroot [ Maranta arundinacea ]. Kudzu is in the same family [ Fabaceae ] as beans and peas. Arrowroot is in the family of t (MORE)

What is arrowroot vermicilli?

They are thin white, semi-transparent noodles that are made from arrowroot starch. They are similar to cellophane noodles in appearance.
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What can be used instead of arrowroot?

Hi! Arrowroot is just a thickener so cornflour is ok to use, but bear in mind that Arrowroot stays clear when used as a thikening agent, Cornflour will turn whatever you're co (MORE)
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Can anything replace arrowroot when baking?

Arrowroot is a thickener, so possible substitutes would be cornstarch or tapioca. Potato starch would be another possibility. In some desserts or clear cold dishes, one might (MORE)
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What is arrowroot cookies?

Arrowroot cookies are a type of cookie made with arrowroot flour.Arrowroot cookies tend to be given to babies as teething biscuits.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of arrowroot flour?

Arrowroot flour is a gluten-free,  grain-free thickening agent, which is a substitute to corn starch.  On the contrary, it is very expensive. 
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