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What is arsenic?

Arsenic the chemical symbol is As, is a metalloid solid. Its atomic number is 33, and it's atomic weight is 74.92. It is very brittle and crystalline; arsenic changes from a s ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses for arsenic?

Arsenic applications: - oxides are used as poison - gallium arsenide is used in lasers, also can be used for weed killers, pretty harmful substance though.
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Where is arsenic?

Its in water, its in your body, its in nature .... its everywhere. Actually, recently researchers discovered that Arsenic has in some species completely replaced Phosphorus in ( Full Answer )
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Why is Arsenal named Arsenal?

Arsenal Football Club is called Arsenal because of "Arsenal" which basically means an establishment for the construction of weapon and ammunition storage, which links with wea ( Full Answer )
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How can you get Arsenic?

Since is a deadly poison, you can only buy it if you are verifiedchemist working for a company or are a college or university withproper credentials.
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What will arsenic do to you?

In high doses... it will slowly kill you. With arsenic poisening you get Keratosis also known as arsenicosis (skin lacerations, discoloration, nasty stuff). Some large popula ( Full Answer )
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Who are the arsenal strikers?

Robin van Persie is arsenals main strike this year, with 27 goals in the Barclays premier league so far this season Gervinho is also a well known forward along with theo Walco ( Full Answer )
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What is the LD50 of arsenic?

The LD 50 for Sodium Arsenite [NaAsO 2 ] is 41 mg/kg. The LD 50 for Arsenic (III) Oxide [As 2 O 3 ] is 14 mg/kg. The LD 50 for Arsenic (IV) Pentoxide [As 2 O 5 ] is 8mg/kg ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy arsenic?

Yes, depending on the country. In some countries, it is heavilyregulated, and you'd need a license to purchase it. And on thesites where you can get it, it is quite expensive. ( Full Answer )
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What is arsen?

If you mean arsenic, it is a metal chemical element used forstrengthening copper alloys. It is extremely toxic to humans and all multi-cellular organisms at5 mg m-3. Its symbo ( Full Answer )