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What is the meaning of 'arson'?

Arson is the crime of setting a fire with intent to cause damage. The common law definition of arson originally contained four elements; the crime required the malicious act o (MORE)

Is aggravated arson different from just arson?

Arson is when you intentionally set fire to any structure or building. So no, it doesn't matter if you did it out of anger or not. If you did it on purpose it's arson. Another (MORE)

What is the Texas statute of limitations for arson?

Texas has a variety of limitations based on the crime. The limit for arson is at 7years. Being absent from the state will toll the statute if it applies.
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Where does arson happen?

  Arson happens everywhere. It can happen in any structure building, car, or outside. Arson is done on purpose. Arson is not accident.

What do Arson Investigators do?

Arson investigators perform forensics to find out about suspected  arsonage. They undertake multiple tests to decide if a fire broke  out at its own, or was a result of some (MORE)

What is the punishment for arson in the uk?

The maximum sentence for arson in the UK is life in prison. There  are no set guidelines for the sentencing of arson-related offences  and the court will take into account a (MORE)