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Is Jules Garfunkel Art Garfunkel's brother alive?

Art Gafunkel's brother Jules Garfunkel died in 2006 after battling cancer. He is buried in Bulgaria, where he had been living with his wife, a native of that country. Jules wa (MORE)

Is Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel A Christian?

No, he's not, but his music shows a strong interest in the topic of God and in spirituality. In a recent video related to the making of his new album, So Beautiful or So Wha (MORE)

Did Simon and garfunkel sing the song Claire?

the song "Claire" is by Gilbert o'Sullivan (of "alone again, naturally" fame). the song is about his niece.
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How many albums did Simon and garfunkel sell?

Some sources say that they have sold just under 100 million copies worldwide, however these sources many be spurious. 38 million copies have been sold in the U.S for certain.
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Does Simon and Garfunkel sing a song used in a Honda commercial?

Simon and Garfunkel's ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK, The last 20 seconds or so of this song is being played on Honda's latest commercial. Type your answer here...
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Is it Art Teacher or Art teacher?

You do not have to capitilize Art or Teacher unless you are starting a sentence. For example: Mrs. Nelson is my art teacher. Another example: Art teachers are funny. You would (MORE)

When did Simon and garfunkel meet?

Simon and Garfunkel were close friends through childhood, who both  grew up in a Jewish neighborhood. They met in elementary  school in 1953, when they both were in the scho (MORE)

What did Simon and Garfunkel compose the soundtrack?

They, or more precisely Paul, are credited with composing the score to The Graduate. However, the only original music they provided was Mrs Robinson, which only appeared as an (MORE)

What did the lyrics to The Sound of Silence mean in 1964 when Simon and Garfunkel first sang it?

The question as originally phrased did not specify which Simon and  Garfunkel song was being asked about. However, an educated guess is  that the questioner was asking about (MORE)