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Who are the key designers of Art Nouveau?

Click link below!     Add these names:  Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Scotland)  Victor Horta (Belgium)  Alphonse Mucha (Czechoslovakia)  Hector Guimard (France)  (MORE)

Art Nouveau when and where did it begin?

Art Nouveau was a style that was first started by a Czech artist named Alphonse Mucha in the very late 1800s and continued in to the 1900s. Mucha was born in Brunn, the capita (MORE)

Where did art nouveau start?

Art Nouveau began in London and came from the British art movement called the Arts and Crafts movement.
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Why did art nouveau end?

Art Nouveau ended when the 20th-century modernists replaced it with newer styles. Although Art Nouveau never officially ended, it is now considered an important movement betwe (MORE)
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Under what circumstances did art nouveau occur?

Art nouveau began with the introduction of applied arts in society. It was a movement that created a bridge between functional/commercial art and the fine arts; broken down it (MORE)