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What is an arthropod?

The arthropods constitute over 90% of the animal kingdom and are classified in the phylum Arthropoda. They are distinguished from other animals by: . an exoskeleton (a skel (MORE)

What are the characteristics of arthropods?

The Characteristics of Arthropods are : 1) Segmented body plan 2) Exoskeleton composed of chitin 3) Paired jointed appendages on variable number of segments 4) Dorsal heart w (MORE)

What are three arthropods?

Fact is, arthropods make up the largest animal group on earth. Crabs, scorpions, crayfish, dragonflies, arachnids, krill, shrimp are just a very few arthropods. Any animal w (MORE)

What do arthropods do?

Arthropods are not just insects--they are very interesting animals, smaller then a beetle & a lighter color. I have had experience with arthropods, a.k.a. rolly pollys, so I (MORE)

Are arthropods reptiles?

No. All arthopods belong to the phylum Arthropoda, while all reptiles (along with other vertebrates) belong to the phylum Chordata

What are the characteristics of Arthropod?

Arthropods are invertebrates, meaning they don't have a back bone but instead have a hard exoskeleton they also have a segmented body: head thorax then abdomen and jointed lim (MORE)

What are 'arthropods'?

The term "arthropods" means "jointed legs". Think of all the other animal phyla without backbones. Only the arthropods (insects, spiders, crustaceans, millipedes and centipede (MORE)

Which is NOT an arthropod?

Phylum arthropoda are characterized by joint appendages, bodysegments with leg pairs, and an exoskeleton made of chitin; thephylum includes insects and crustaceans, among othe (MORE)