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Was Arthur Ashe married?

Arthur Ashe was married to Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe from 1977 until  his death in 1993. She is a photographer and has since become an  activist for charities that focus on HI (MORE)
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Where did Arthur ashe live at?

Arthur Ashe lived in Richmond ,Virgina. We do not know how long he lived there. but here is the site I found ALOT of answers on: (MORE)

Who is Arthur ashe?

(1943-93), U.S. tennis player and social activist. Arthur Ashe captured center court when he won the men's singles title at the United States Open championship in 1968, becomi (MORE)
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Is Arthur Ashe a Christian?

I am not sure but I do have a quote from his book, " Days of Grace"  He says, " I also do not waste time pleading with God to make me  well...Rather, prayer is a medium thro (MORE)
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What obstacles did Arthur ashe face?

Arthur Ashe grew up in a segregated community forcing him to go to an all black school, he had to learn tennis from only less skilled african-americans, he had three heart sur (MORE)
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Where can you get a Arthur Ashe tennis racket?

Check the local Thrift Shop's 'Sports' section. I've seen the old wooden rackets in several thrift type stores around Atlanta , Ga. I've also seen some great old classics like (MORE)
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Why was Arthur Ashe famous?

Arthur Ashe was famous because he was the first African American to win the tennis ball champion ship. And he won 2 other tennis events and also made a program for African Ame (MORE)

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