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Who is Arthur mellerup?

  Arthur Ayliffe Mellerup. 30.04.1926   Living in Dursley, Glos. GL11 5HN.   Motor cyclyist of some note having competed in most Nationl events on the proto type Cot (MORE)
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Who is Arthur ashe?

(1943-93), U.S. tennis player and social activist. Arthur Ashe captured center court when he won the men's singles title at the United States Open championship in 1968, becomi (MORE)

How is King Arthur portrayed as the ideal king in King Arthur?

King Arthur is portrayed as the ideal King because of his idealsand morals. He was supposedly fair, honourable, brave, loyal,religious and he was also supposedly the originato (MORE)

How did arthur get Excalibur?

his old sword broke during battle, so he asked Merlin, how he could get a new, better sword?, so Merlin took him to a lake, where the magical lady of the lake gave him the mag (MORE)

Is carnell hunnicutt breeding b5s real brother or myxxs brother?

Carnell is like a brother to B5.   I recently heard (from secure sources) that he is B5's cousin.   Wether he's Myxx's cousin, I don't know...   But he ia adopted by (MORE)

Is King Arthur of Camelot the same person as Arthur Tudor?

No.   The legendary King Arthur who sometimes holds court at Camelot was the son of Uther Pendragon and is never called a Tudor.   There were some other minor King Art (MORE)

Where is King Arthur?

King Arthur is a highly respected King from the English monastery  who existed between 4th and 5th century. However, many historians  rebuttal the claims made about Arthur s (MORE)

Who was Arthur Eddington?

  Arthur Eddington lived from 1882-1945 and was born in England. He became the professor if Astronomy at Cambridge College. He loved to study the origin of stars and he co (MORE)