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Who are Harley benton?

Harley Benton is a rebadged guitar brand. A German retailer ("Thomann") uses this name exclusively to brand guitars made in Asia (mainly China and Korea). They are inexpensive (MORE)

Where does Jim benton live now?

Jim Benton now lives in Bloomfield Township, Michigan. Jim is an  American author and illustrator. He is most known for the book,  "It's Happy Bunny".
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Is there a Benton County AR curfew?

unfortunatly yes. for people under 18 sunday-thursday you cant be out 11:00pm-6:00am. from friday-saturday you cant be out 12:00am-6:am. if you are coming or going to/from you (MORE)

What awards did Jim Benton win?

Jim Benton is a writer and illustrator who has won several awards.  Some of them are the 2007 Austin ADDY silver and bronze awards, the  2006 Eleanor Cameron Award, and the (MORE)
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Who was Benton Fraser In Due South?

Played by Paul Gross, Benton Fraser was a Canadian mountie who came to Chicago on the trails of the killers of his father and for various reasons stayed, attached as liaison a (MORE)