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What does articulate mean?

Articulate: being able to put thoughts into words quickly or easily. . Sentence: In the street, I had been the most articulate hustler out there, for I had commanded atten ( Full Answer )
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She is Articulate?

She is articulate, if she is able to speak clearly and effectively. So is she?
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What is articulation in music?

Articulation is an accent on a note to give it a sharper sound. E.g. staccato, legato nothing.
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What is an articulated tractor?

one the steers by hinging in the middle under the cab not by steering 2 wheels like a car. all 4 wheel drive tractors are Articulated. Not to be confused with front wheel assi ( Full Answer )
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What is an articulated skeleton?

An articulated skeleton is when bones are reconstructed into acomplete skeleton, whose joints are flexible and can be moved toshow natural movement.
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What does the phalanges articulate with?

It depends on the phalanges in question. The distal phalanges in the four fingers and toes articulate with the intermediate phalanges. The intermediate phalanges articulate wi ( Full Answer )
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What is articulately speaking?

do you mean to speak articulately? If you do it means to speak intelligently and informatively using a wide vocabulary.
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What is articulation in drama?

articulation is using the 6 parts of your mouth (jaw, lips, tongue, palate, cheeks, and teeth) to send sound waves through air