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Who is Artie Arnell?

  Artie Arnell was a band leader who played the accordion and piano. He was born in Pennsylvania and died there. He traveled to a lot of places to entertain with his orche (MORE)
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Who is artis mills?

etta james' husband.   he went to prison for her in 1972, got out in 1982.   they are still married and have two sons, donto and sametto.

What models and make Clarinet did Artie Shaw play?

Selmer Paris RI or BT serial #K4901 key of A full boehm Selmer Paris BT serial #L2761 Key of Bb Conn 444N key of Bb Conn 280N Connstellation key of Bb Buffet Crampon Pre-R13 (MORE)

Who was Artie Shaw married to?

Artie Shaw was the equal of Dame Elizabeth Taylor in terms of "serial marriages": Jane Cairns (1932-33)Margaret Allen (1934-37)Lana Turner (1940)Betty Kern (1942-43)Ava Gardn (MORE)

What brand of clarinet did Artie Shaw use?

Artie Shaw played a Conn clarinet. His clarinet is now in the Smithsonian storage facility. Unfortunately, Conn is no longer an independent entity. It was acquired by Selmer, (MORE)

What is the value of Artie Shaw albums?

More information is needed. Are these 78 rpm Bakelite disks in their original album holders? Are they LPs? What condition are they in? What company issued them - Shaw recorded (MORE)

What is a arti lamp?

  An arti lamp is passed round the people in a mandir or temple for the arti ceremony. This ceremony is where everybody passes their hands over the lighted lamp and then o (MORE)

What is a Hindu arti ceremony?

It is a ceremony of worship that takes place in front of murtis (carved statues of god that the god is acctully present in) of the Gods. The priest has a tray with a diya (lam (MORE)