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Who is Artie Arnell?

  Artie Arnell was a band leader who played the accordion and piano. He was born in Pennsylvania and died there. He traveled to a lot of places to entertain with his orche (MORE)

Who were Artie Shaw's wives?

Jane Cairns, Margeret Allen, Lana Turner, Betty Kern, Ava Gardner, Kathleen Winsor. Doris Dowling, and Evelyn Keyes. Thank God he only had children with Betty Kern and Doris D (MORE)

What does Ars gratis artis mean?

The correct phrase is Ars Gratia Artis; it means 'Art for Art's sake'. Wich can be found on movies with the growling lion.
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What does arti Hindu mean?

Arti is a ceremony where candles are lit, Gods are prayed upon, and the muntrah is sung.
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What is a Hindu arti lamp?

Aarthi is an auspicious light used in Hindu temples. These will be rotated around god. This is done at the end of the rituals. It is done for a simple purpose: To watch god i (MORE)

What is artie lange's salary?

$700,000 per year at Sirius XM and about $3 million a year on the stand-up circuit. Too Fat to Fish, his memoir, is on the New York Times bestseller list. Random House has alr (MORE)

What is a arti lamp?

  An arti lamp is passed round the people in a mandir or temple for the arti ceremony. This ceremony is where everybody passes their hands over the lighted lamp and then o (MORE)

When does artie from glee cry in glee?

Artie cries when he is slushied for the first time. He gets it hard though, since he has never been slushied before, the whole football gang does it to him, making him cry. A (MORE)

What inspired George Bernard Shaw?

Bernard Shaw's Inspiration- His Own Life. To know what inspired George Bernard Shaw, the strange and out of the way things in his life need be just gone through. It is clear t (MORE)