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What is chromosome?

A chromosome is an 'X' shaped gene which contains DNA, found inside living cells. Chromosomes are easily seen using a microscope and are normally invisible most of the time (t (MORE)
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Where are the chromosomes?

Chromosomes are the rod-shaped, filamentous bodies present in the nucleus, which become visible during cell division. They are the carriers of the gene or unit of heredity. Ch (MORE)
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What do chromosomes do?

They carry the tens of thousands of traits that are inside you to make you look like who you are. During sexual reproduction your Parents give you half of each of their Geno (MORE)

What is artificial cognition?

Cognition is the development of information to knowledge. The act of cognition consists of representing and transforming information. This can be done by sensing something dir (MORE)
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What is the artificial draught?

regarding boilers it is the pressure difference created inside the chimney and atmosphere by using fans or stem jets.It helps to expel flue gases from chimney to the surroundi (MORE)

What is artificial inflation?

Artificial Inflation is inflation caused by a single person or group of people buying out most of the items of one kind and reselling them at a higher price.
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What is an artificial ecosystem?

  An artificial ecosystem is an ecosystem made by man. An artificial ecosystem is something like an animal reserve or a giant terrarium, one example, a zoo.
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What are artificial fertilizers?

It is all chemical-made in a laboratory. Its not like cow manure which is natural. Artificial fertilizers are those produced by the chemical industry, as opposed to the orga (MORE)

What is an artificial kidney?

An artificial kidney - is a dialysis machine. A patient is 'hooked up' to the machine via an intravenous needle - and their blood is drawn through a series of filters and clea (MORE)