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What is artillery?

Artillery=Guns OR Cannons The term Guns in the military refers to Artillery. Rifles, machineguns, pistols, are called Small Arms.

What is artillery rifles?

Artillery are guns in the army and are used for indirect fire; meaning the artillerymen CAN'T see their targets. A "FO" or "FAC" must see the target for them and adjust the fi (MORE)

What is a Artillery?

Artillery=Cannons OR Guns In the military, the word "gun" does not mean rifles and means artillery. Rifles, pistols, machineguns, etc. etc. are called "Small Arm (MORE)

What is an artillery ambush?

Most simply put, it is where an artillery unit has aimed their weapons at a specific area in anticipation of the enemy travelling through it. When the enemy passes through tha (MORE)

How much artillery in a artillery battery?

Six firing units (howitzer, rocket/missile launcher, gun) are mostcommon, but sometimes 8 are used, and, especially for very heavyweapons, a lower number. Remember that "batte (MORE)

Are tanks artillery?

No, Tanks are concidered a direct fire weapon. Artillery is anindirect fire weapon. That means Howitzers usually cannot see theirtarget but rather rely on forward observers to (MORE)

What is an artillery rammer?

A rammer is a round piece of wood, which serves to drive home the powder and ball to the breech. It is fastened to a stick that is used to push in into the muzzle and withdraw (MORE)