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What is artillery?

Artillery=Guns OR Cannons The term Guns in the military refers to Artillery. Rifles, machineguns, pistols, are called Small Arms.
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What are artillery barrages?

Answer. An artillery barrage is a massed firing of several artillery cannons at one target for a period of time. This was used to destroy enemy positions and de-moralize them (MORE)
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What is a Artillery?

Artillery=Cannons OR Guns In the military, the word "gun" does not mean rifles and means artillery. Rifles, pistols, machineguns, etc. etc. are called "Small Arm (MORE)
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What does an artillery unit do?

\nDuring WW1, it was typical to use the artillery to destroy the enemy's fortifications and trenches.\n. \nDuring WW2, the field artillery was more precise and could directly (MORE)
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What are artillery RPGs?

RPG stands for rocket propelled grenade. Artillery usually means stuff that are fired from a cannon, but these fly like rockets.
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How does artillery work?

Firstly, let us define artillery as a proper military authority would. Artillery is any ground-based external fire support designed to aid and assist ground infantry forces by (MORE)
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What is an artillery caisson?

It is an ammunition storage box usually towed by a two wheeled cart behind an artillery piece attached by it trail to a two wheeled limber for transportation. It usually provi (MORE)
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How much artillery in a artillery battery?

Six firing units (howitzer, rocket/missile launcher, gun) are mostcommon, but sometimes 8 are used, and, especially for very heavyweapons, a lower number. Remember that "batte (MORE)
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What is an artillery bombardment?

An artilery bombardment is where artillery (Big guns and cannons ) constantly fire at the enemy lines
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What are artillery strikes?

Artillery is the generic name for explosive shells or bullets. Thefore "artillery strikes" are the firing of "artillary" at an into specific targets and the impact and explosi (MORE)