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What is a manga artist?

Manga ArtistManga is the Japanese word for comics and print cartoons. A Manga Artist is one who makes the comics and cartoons. I myself am a Manga Artist. Manga Artists make a (MORE)

What is a caricature artist?

It is an artist that specializes in a certain type of cartoon called a "caricature". A caricature is a type of quickly drawn cartoon that humorously exaggerates the facial fea (MORE)

Why is rizal an artist?

There is no question that, apart from being a hero, a patriot, and writer, Jose Rizal was an artist of high caliber. In his lifetime, he produced no less than 110 works of art (MORE)

Who were the pop artists?

Music:   jimbob mcgraw. dutch pop artist from the 90's died of heart attack in 2000   Painting:   Pop art arose in Britain in the 1950s, Richard Hamilton is usually (MORE)

Who is the artist Suzette?

Sher is a painter born in South Africa now living in England. Click link below to learn more about her and see some of her works!
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What do you draw as an artist?

as an artist you draw with your imagination. sometimes artists would sit in a park ,countryside or anywhere and just draw what they see.Here are some things that artists often (MORE)
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Who is the artist omhp?

i have a p icture with omhp I believe it o be painted by alma  tadema s it a rint h yarwould ip be 
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Who is a contemporary artist?

A contemporary artist is an artist living in the twenty-first  century who produces the art of today.