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Do you have to be an artist to become a tattoo artist?

All "tattoo artists" are artists. "Tattooers" are not artists, they  just trace things and pretty much do bad work. Just because you  have art supplies doesn't make you an a (MORE)

Can you get a cdl license if you have points on your license?

Yes. Your chances of finding employment as a CDL driver are a different matter, however. Most employers will not hire you if you have more than three points in the last three (MORE)

How do you become a licensed tattoo artist?

Becoming a Licensed Tattoo ArtistIn most cases in order to become a licensed tattooist or artist you should either go to tattoo school,or find a licensed artist (tattooist). T (MORE)

What are the qualities of an artist?

Great artists create paintings, photographs, sculptures, and other dazzling decorative and commercial pieces. To be a successful artist, one should have: 1. An Awareness of t (MORE)

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Do tattoo artists have to be licensed in las Vegas?

Such as yourself, I am in Vegas and trying to pursue tattooing. I believe in any city you are supposed to be licensed. Although there are many who do it from there homes, whic (MORE)