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Who is Arturo Rotor?

Arturo Rotor was a Filipino medical doctor, musician and writer. He graduated in the Conservatory of Music and the College of Medicine. He also trained further in St. John Hop (MORE)

Contribution of arturo alcaraz?

  Arturo Alcaraz is the one who powered an electric light bulb using steam-powered electricity (geothermal energy) near the town of Tiwi in the Philippines which gave him (MORE)

What is zita by arturo rotor all about?

Zita is about a brokenhearted teacher who comes to the land of Anayat. He arrived riding a sailboat. The municipal president offers him a big room at his house to stay but ref (MORE)
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What is the essay about the Can Can by Arturo Vivante?

WikiAnswers will not write your essay for you, but we WILL help you learn how to do it yourself! Click on the Related Questions for even more information. . Write sentences (MORE)
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Essay about Can can by arturo vivante?

In Arturo Vivante's short story, "Can-Can", a malcontent husband seeks away from his wife to have secluded affairs with another mistress named Sarah. The man's wife is a fun-l (MORE)

What is the summary of Zita by Arturo Rotor?

Summary of Zita    Zita is about a brokenhearted teacher who comes to the land of  Anayat. From the minute Mr. Reteche steps on the shores of Anayat,  his lonesomenes (MORE)

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What is history of cordova catholic cooperative school?

 Cordova Academy, a Catholic Institution, situated at Poblacion,  Cordova, Cebu, was founded in 1967 by Rev. Fr. Martin van't  Westeinde, MSC., when he was assigned as the (MORE)