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Who were the Aryans?

The Aryans were historically an ancient people from central Asiaaround the Caspian Sea, and they had a profound influence on theformation of ancient India and Persia/Iran- in (MORE)

Where did the Aryans migrate from?

DNA evidence from South Asia indicates that nearly all Europeans are descended from a small group of women who lived in South India about 50,000 years ago. So the Aryans migra (MORE)

What is Aryan Superiority?

It is the controversial notion that Caucasian are superior tomembers of other races. It is the root of a lot of racism.
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Why is the Aryans important?

They were the perfect human in Hitler's mind and he decided to introduce breeding programmes to create an entire race of blonde hair and blue eyed people.
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Are kurds aryan?

Yes they are. Infact, the Kurds are probably the purest Aryans alive. They also formed the first Aryan empire called the Median empire.
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Who were the Aryans. What did they do?

They basically brought Hinduism in a more bigger view at that time  and connected many gods ((including their own)) to the religion.  They were also bringers of knowledge ab (MORE)

Who were he Aryans?

They were a race and tribe in ancient India. Later on, the word was  used in Nazi Germany to describe the blonde and blue-eyed 'pure  Germanic' race.
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