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What is the main occupation of aryans?

Agriculture was the main occupation for the ARYANS. Agriculture products were rice, wheat, cotton, oil seeds. Besides they were engage at weaving, tanning, metallurgy. Artisa (MORE)

How did the aryans control people in India?

well, the story says that there were earthquakes and alot of floods  so the people of india left and the aryans settled. After that ,  the aryans were used to live in one wa (MORE)

What did the aryans give to India?

Aryans were the original habitats of India and they gave the whole world the knowledge of life
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How did the aryans control the people in India?

The Aryans disregarded the local cultures. They began conquering and taking control over regions in north India and at the same time pushed the local people southwards or tow (MORE)