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What can crows do?

It has been discovered that crows are actually some of the most intelligent species of birds, and very skilled at construction. They make their own tools for hunting and are v (MORE)

Can you kill a crow?

Plain and simple, yes. Everything lives and dies. (unless there is something that we all don't know about?)
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Who was Jim Crow?

"Daddy" Rice was a struggling performer in the minstrel shows that toured the South. He needed a new act. When he saw a dancing, elderly, black man (possibly a slave of Mr.Cro (MORE)

Do hens crow?

Answer   "A whistling woman and a crowing hen are neither fit for God nor men." Or so the saying goes. Hens do crow, this usually happens when there are no roosters in th (MORE)

How do crow eat?

they use their beak to pick up food and then they slide it down their esophagus. They eat just the way that humans do, except that they use their beak instead of hands, which (MORE)
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When a bees flies we hear the sound produced by its wings .why cant we hear a crow flapping its wings as it flies?

The speed of the bee's wings produces a 'hum' which falls within  the range of our hearing. The crow's wings do produce a 'note' but  it's too low for our ears to detect. Hu (MORE)

What does it mean if a black crow flies really close by you?

  Crows are very smart and curious. It was probably checking to see if you had food or were looking for food and could steal some. They learn very quickly that if a human (MORE)

Is a crow herbivore?

Crows are carnivores. They eat mainly small insects and other small organisms. They are also granivores (eating grains such as wheat, seeds, and fruit).
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What does it mean when a single black crow flies at you?

If the question refers to a dream, the crow probably is a symbol  of something you fear, such as a bad accident or serious illness.  The dream does not necessarily predict a (MORE)