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What does as the crow flies mean?

    A straight line distance between two places. A human would have to travel further to get from one point to another due to obstacles or lack of roads or trails, but (MORE)

What is the origin of the saying as the crow flies?

The term "As The Crow Flies" came from British coastal vessels that customarily carried a cage of crows. Crows detest large expanses of water and head, as straight as a crow f (MORE)
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When a bees flies we hear the sound produced by its wings .why cant we hear a crow flapping its wings as it flies?

The speed of the bee's wings produces a 'hum' which falls within  the range of our hearing. The crow's wings do produce a 'note' but  it's too low for our ears to detect. Hu (MORE)

What does it mean if a black crow flies really close by you?

  Crows are very smart and curious. It was probably checking to see if you had food or were looking for food and could steal some. They learn very quickly that if a human (MORE)

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What does it mean when a single black crow flies at you?

If the question refers to a dream, the crow probably is a symbol  of something you fear, such as a bad accident or serious illness.  The dream does not necessarily predict a (MORE)