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From where did Jesus ascend?

Answer \n. \nMark 15:14 doesn't give the precise location; one could compare it to Luke 24:33 and think they were in Jerusalem, but the phrasing of the passage in Mark doe (MORE)

What is an Ascended Master?

  In the Bible, Christ ascended into heaven, so He would be considered an Ascended Master.   Other than that, an ascended master would be a master (martial arts, etc) w (MORE)
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What are ascenders?

  In typography, ascenders are parts of letters that rise above the x-height. Examples are the tall parts of b, d, f, and h. The x-height is the height of the small (l (MORE)
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What does 'ascends' mean?

To ascend is to climb or to go upward. Therefore, ascends is the third-person present-tense singular form of that verb: He ascends to the top of the mountain, where he hopes (MORE)
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What are ascending letters?

Some examples of ascending letters are h, t, l, b, d. In a handwriting frame with 3 lines these all touch the top line. Descending letters are letters that fall bellow the bo (MORE)

What does ascended means?

"Ascend" means the following: Spiritually: To reach a higher plane of existence. Physically: To rise up. "Ascended" means the same thing, but is the past tense form, meaning t (MORE)
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What is ascending number?

An Ascending # is a # That Is Getting Larger. A Descending # is a # That Is Getting Smaller.
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What is an ascending lesion?

Ascending myelitis was a complication common with previously used 'Semple's vaccine'. Now out dated. ( It had a protection rare of only 50 % as against to-days vaccines having (MORE)