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What religious benefits and insights does asceticism offer?

Answer: . Hindu + Buddhist Asceticism . Hindus and Buddhists seek to escape the cycle of reincarnation; for the Hindu to be with the Divine and for the Buddhist to become o (MORE)
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What is neo asceticism?

Asceticism is avoiding pleasure because it is enjoyable. Many medieval mystics (Francis of Assisi, Bernard of Clervaux) avoided doing anything they enjoyed, because they belie (MORE)
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What is asceticism in jainism?

asceticism is the self-denial. Jains believe in an ascetic life of denying physical pleasure, putting your body through rigorous exercise and meditation. Jains also vow non-in (MORE)
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What does a life of asceticism involve?

A life of asceticism involves the pursuing of religious and spiritual goals. Various religious traditions such as Buddism, Jainism that have practices involving restraint with (MORE)