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Who or what was Asclepius?

A greek god of medicine and healing. He had five daughters and the cock was sacred to him. They often sacrificed it at his alter. He started asclepians which are like greek be (MORE)

Who is related to Asclepius?

\n. \n. \nApollo, the Olympian god, was his father.\n. \nΥγεία - Hygeia = Health, Πανάκεια - Panakea = Therapy, medical treatment, Π(MORE)
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What is the moral of asclepius myth?

The moral of Asclepius is to not mess with `natural orders`= quotation of zeus In the myth as he messed with natural orders of bringing back the dead zeus destroyed him with a (MORE)

What is the cult of asclepius?

The ancient Greek religious cult which worshiped the god Asclepius,god of medicine and healing. Asclepius represents the healing aspect of the medical arts; hisdaughters are (MORE)
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Who was the mother of Asclepius?

Assuming you're talking about the soon of Apollo his mother waseither Coronis (daughter of Phlegyas) - or - Arsinoe (daughter of Leucippus).