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What is aseptic?

1. Free from contamination caused by harmful microorganisms. 2. (of surgical practice) Aiming at the complete exclusion of harmful microorganisms

What is aseptic technique?

Aseptic technique refers to how doctors and nurses prevent thespread of infection. The word aseptic means to be free of harmfulmicroorganisms.

What is aseptic milk?

Aseptic milk is milk that is contained in a sterile device. Milk iskept in aseptic containers in order to keep the bacteria level downand to ensure freshness.
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What is aseptic surgery?

Aseptic surgery is surgery without "sepsis" or infection. It is doing surgery using precautions that lower the presence of micro-organisms in order to avoid infections such (MORE)
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What are aseptic condition?

To ensure aseptic conditions, there are few steps that must be followed. Such steps would include keeping your work bench clean to avoid accidents and to reduce the amount of (MORE)
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What is aseptic water?

By definition, this would indicate that the water was free of pathogens in sufficient numbers or dose to cause infection.

What is aseptic canning?

Aseptic just means hygienic and free of microbes. So naturally, aseptic canning means canning in a manner which is safe and aims to prevent the growth of things that can make (MORE)