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Who is Asherah?

A:  Asherah was the Hebrew goddess of fertility. There is some evidence  that in the Iron Age II period prior to the Babylonian Exile, she  was regarded as the consort of Y (MORE)
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What does an asherah pole look like?

A:Until the Ugaritic tablets were deciphered from the 1930s onwards, most scholars did not even imagine that the biblical "asherahs" might symbolise a goddess. They interprete (MORE)

Is Asherah the consort of Yahweh of Judah?

One of the principal female goddesses of the Canaanite pantheon, familiar equally from Canaanite mythology and from biblical references. Her name first appears at the time of (MORE)

Why do scholars consider Asherah a consort of Yahweh and not a pagan god that Yahweh despised?

We know that in ancient Hebrew religion Asherah was the beloved consort of Yahweh because archaeological records show this to be so. Among the many objects discovered at Kunti (MORE)

Where is Asherah mentioned in the Bible?

A:   One example is in 2 Kings 23:4 (NAB), which describes the efforts  of King Josiah to impose monotheism in Judah during the late  monarchy: "Then the king commanded (MORE)